sun rays hitting the precisely positioned solar panels on a green open land


Rooftop Mounted

Solar PV Power Plant

For tin roofs and RCC roofs of factories and buildings.

Ground Mounted

Solar PV Power Plant

For open land to generate large volumes of solar energy.

Solar Water Heating System

For large complexes, hospitality and commercial purposes.

Solar Street Lights

For private and public roads, gated communities, residential complexes, universities etc.

Solar Lantern

In partnership with LuminAID, used for decorative purposes as well as an emergency light source.

Solar Compost Machine

For environmentally conscious housing societies for zero electricity compost production.


Residential Premises

Residential complexes, societies, towers & individual houses opting to install our solar solutions can enjoy big savings on their electricity costs and enjoy subsidies up to 30% provided by the Government for renewable energy implementation.

Commercial Premises

Commercial buildings and complexes that consume high volumes of electricity and also pay higher commercial tariff rates, get substantial savings on their energy expenditure using solar energy while earning a handsome ROI.

Industrial Premises

We help small, medium, and large scale manufacturing plants, factories, warehouses, industrial complexes, and cold storages to adopt solar energy solutions to reduce operating costs and earn a cost advantage against competition.

Institutional Premises

We help educational institutes, university campuses, hospitals, sports and recreation centers, etc. to reduce their expenditure on electricity consumption while leading the way in contributing to the world by adopting renewable energy solutions.



Step 1

Site Survey

Our engineers estimate the solar power capacity that can be installed at the site, by conducting a detailed site survey.

Step 2

Energy Assessment

After the site survey, we assess solar power requirements and provide an estimate of solar energy generation and financial saving by going solar.

Step 3

Design & Engineering, Planning

The project planning and required design & engineering of the solar power plant are executed by our experienced engineers.

Step 4

Material Procurement

We believe in timely procurement of material to optimize the utilization of resources as per the project planning and timely execution.

Step 5

Installation & Commissioning 

Our dedicated team installs the solar power plant and gets it up and running within a stipulated time.

Step 6

Permits & Approvals

We have dedicated liaison experts to take care of any and all permits from local authorities and electricity distribution companies.

Step 7

Handover & AMC

We handover the solar plant so you can reap the benefits. We offer the best annual maintenance service to ensure high performance and long life of your solar plant.

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